Introduction Course to Kitesurf

Introduction Course to Kitesurf
This course is a practical introduction to the wonderful sport of kitesurfing. Starting by flying a small kite on the beach to learn the basics and feel confidence. After that, more practice will be done in the water. All this will be supervised by the instructor of 30 Nudos. This is a great way to try kitesfurf for the first time! The requirements for this course are simple: know how to swim and have motivation. Contact us for more information.
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30 Nudos – Kite School


Paseo Mercedes de Roja, 24 Edif. Miramar, Local 2 Bajo 38612 Medano, Granadilla de Abona, Tenerife
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+34 922 178 905 +34 685 73 64 50
En este cuadro se añadirán opciones ofertas y reducciones de precio para este curso ¡Permanezca atento!


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