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Tuesday evening - all levels Yoga

This all around practice is open to everyone, no matter what age, flexibility or fitness.
There are one or two other structures where to-infinitive and the bare infinitive are both possible. Expressions with do or did, such as what I've done or all I did can follow either pattern.
I hate shopping so what I've done is (to) order a new computer over the Internet.
All I did was (to) suggest that she should lend him no more money. I didn't insist on it.
When two infinitive structures are connected by and, or or, except or but and than or as, it is normal practice to omit to in the second clause. Compare the following:
I would like you to tidy the house and (to) wash the dishes before I get home.
Would you prefer to have a snack now or (to) wait until later before we eat?
I could find nothing to do this afternoon, except read my book.
My son does nothing but watch TV when he gets home from school.
It's quicker to bike to the station rather than take the car.

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